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What our clients say about us

Yvonne at The Roppo Touch has been my Registered Massage Therapist for over a decade now.  Her skills have seen me through rigorous dance training, international sport competition, bruising, sprains, more serious training and sport injuries, repetitive stress conditions from office work, sciatica, stomach issues, and even rehabilitation from abdominal surgeries.  In addition to standard medical and surgical care, I have been to physiotherapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, naturopaths, an herbalist, and an active release therapist.  For my lifestyle and goals, no alternative practitioner has provided as reliable relief, as feasible solutions, or as long-lasting care as Yvonne.  Her extensive training and experience, as well as her conditioning for the therapy she practices is unmatched in the city.  Her practice not only compliments but supplements such a wide variety of care that she has become a vital part of every rehabilitation I have undergone where many alternative methods have fallen short of helping me achieve my goals or overcome my physical setbacks.  Most of what physio offered me could be done myself at home; chiropractic offered only very temporary relief; and other alternative methods simply didn’t work.  The time I have invested in Yvonne's care has been the most efficient and effective alternative treatment, far more convenient, and the most flexible as my lifestyle, health, goals, standard care, and physical conditions have evolved over time.




Attending Yvonne's study group has helped me gain more confidence in my skill set towards becoming a Craniosacral Therapist. Through her understanding and light hearted approach to mentoring she has created a space that students of various levels can attend, share questions and insights, and leave feeling inspired!




Yvonne is knowledgeable, intuitive and the best therapist I've ever had. With her amazing help, I feel better at 40 than I ever have, and the best is yet to come!





When I first went to Yvonne in 2007 I had pain quite often in my back between my upper shoulder blades due to the fact that I work at a desk. Through several months of intensive massage therapy she turned my block of concrete (as she described the rigidity of my muscles in my back) to soft sand. Through regular ongoing maintenance sessions I have never had to return to that.






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